Socremo Overdraft

The Socremo Overdraft is a privilege for its loyal clients. It is an easy and convenient product to use in day-to-day operations or personal projects. It is the most flexible way to manage cash requirements on a short term basis. Credit ceiling and maturity to fit the needs of each client.

Flexible Term
Minimum amount: 100,000.00 MT
Account Opening Fee: 5,000.00 MT

* A letter from the Client requesting the Overdraft - state the term, amount and destination of the funds. Statements from the last six months at Socremo and other banks with whom you work;
* Documentation stating the destination of the funds;

* Greater flexibility in cash management.
* Simplicity and speed in getting the Account.
* The Client will only withdraw the amount he/she needs, and will reimburse when it is feasible or the overdraft line has matured.
* Possibility of more flexible subscription against a term deposit.